The Situation

Piccadilly Restaurant, a beloved eatery in Baton Rouge, LA, wanted to attract more diners and boost their sales. To achieve this, they partnered with PostcardMania to create a compelling direct mail campaign targeting various demographics in their area.

The Solution

PostcardMania crafted a 6×12 postcard featuring:

  • A strong and enticing headline: “NEW Chicken Tenders Packs”
  • An image showcasing their delicious food
  • Four different coupon codes to incentivize visits
  • A QR code for easy online ordering
  • Smart copy: “Simply place your order”

Piccadilly Restaurant mailed 5,000 postcards in six separate mailings to six different geographical demographics in their surrounding area.

The Results

They generated $27,756 in revenue!

As a result, they received 2,313 responses, converting all of them into sales, generating $27,756 in revenue. Since they invested $2,523 in this campaign, their ROI is an impressive 1,000%!

Piccadilly Restaurant has seen great success with this campaign and continues to attract new customers with their enticing offers and effective marketing strategies.

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