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The postcard’s tone is set by an ominous background image, which shows a dark night with lightning striking in the distance behind a home. The headline read, “Emergencies happen – don’t be left in the dark!” The combination of the strong design choices and the compelling headline copy proved to be a powerful motivator for their prospects.

The Situation

GenPowerLease wanted to generate some more revenue for their business, a desire just about every small business owner can sympathize with. They heard about how effective postcard marketing can be for small businesses and gave one of our Marketing Consultants a call to learn more.

The Solution

Their Marketing Consultant walked them through some of the effective strategies we’ve used in the past for their industry, and they decided to go for it. They mailed 11,947 cards in a one-time blast to a resident list, which targets prospects within a certain radius of their business.

The Results

We generated over 100 calls and brought in $10,800 from our postcards!

Even with just one mailing, their company generated over 100 calls and signed 10 new contracts. The average client relationship lasts 2 years for their business, so these contracts end up paying big returns for their company long-term. With repeated mailings this return could be even bigger!

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