The Situation

This local real estate agent, Valerie Toia, serves the greater Daytona Beach area. She wanted more clients, so she called PostcardMania for assistance with getting more listings.

The Solution

Bulk mail is an effective marketing tool for relators. After speaking with the marketing consultants at PostcardMania, Valerie decided to launch a direct mail campaign.

Valerie Toia’s postcard design included:

  • An offer for a free comparative marketing analysis
  • A glowing 5-star review from a previous client
  • A picture of the real estate agent, adding a personal touch to the postcard

    Another factor to the campaign’s success was who she mailed to.  She she wanted more listing  decided to center her campaign on a particular kind type of owner, those with property in Florida but residing out of state.

    The third component was repetition, she mailed 1,000 postcards to the same list for 5 straight months. Repeat mailings to the same list means the recipient saw Valerie’s image, logo, slogan and message over and over which made her credible to them.  This consistent mailing increased the chance that each of these homeowners would call Valerie when ready to sell.

    The Results

    107% ROI!

    So far, Valerie has sold one new listing as a result of this campaign, which created an immediate return on investment of 107%!

    Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other real estate agents!

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