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The Situation

Erika Hinton with Arinton Realty wanted to sell the homes in her neighborhood more efficiently and broker sales for more clients. In order to do so, she came to us to use our results-based bulk mail campaigns.

The Solution

Our marketing experts worked with her to develop a direct mail campaign that targeted people in her neighborhood.

Her campaign delivered results because:

  • On the front side of the card, she used 7 different postcard designs, all featuring a different home for sale, giving the recipient as many options as possible. The design always featured a picture of herself and her agent to make a human connection with the recipient.
  • The backside features a headline reassuring the recipient that they would broker your house out for the best price. After some pictures of the inside, she lets you know that she speaks Spanish as well – opening up an entirely new market.
  • Finally, she offers a free comparative market analysis, making this agent’s services a great value!

The Results

$14,000 in revenue!

She sold a house off of the campaign and made $14,000! This is an ROI of 426%!

Are you interested in doing a similar bulk mail campaign for your business? Call us, and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other real estate agents!

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