The Situation

The Jersey Shore Group is a real estate agency operating all over the New Jersey area. They came to us looking for creative ways to farm their local community for listings.

The Solution

The first postcard campaign they ran with PostcardMania included a 6 x 8.5-inch postcard design, which helped it stand out in mailboxes.

The postcard design included:

  • Listings of their represented buyers, sellers, and current listings to give the recipient a gauge of the kind of properties they work with
  • A-5 star review that gives their business credibility
  • A headshot of one of their top brokers, giving their postcard a more personal feel

They selected a consumer mailing list that targeted both homeowners and renters living in single-family dwellings in their area. Targeting both homeowners and renters ensured they covered both sides of their market, buyers and sellers. Honing in on a certain kind of size of property also ensured that the resident would be in a good enough financial standing to use their services.

The consistency of their campaigns also helped aid their success. They mailed out 6,943 postcards in 4 separate batches, ensuring that a wide variety of individuals were exposed to their business more than once.

Then, the third mailer campaign they did had 4,637 postcards, and they were mailed out monthly in smaller quantities. They used a mailing list that targeted homeowners in the local area. This time, they mailed the postcards to different zip codes. The Jersey Shore Group also used a different postcard design that included more bold colors, like bright orange and deep blue, for contrast.

Jesse Decker also placed his professional photo on the postcard and included an offer of a low commission rate of 2%. The back of the card showed off two positive reviews from satisfied clients, a list of benefits, and an eye-grabbing subhead.

The Results

They made $85,000 in revenue and generated an ROI of 1,078%!

From the first postcard campaign, The Jersey Shore Group sold a listing for $1.5 million, which generated $30,000 in revenue for them. They only spent $4,270.54 on the campaign, bringing in a 602% return on their investment!

Their most recent (third) campaign consisted of 4,637 postcards total, mailed out monthly in smaller quantities. It resulted in one response, one conversion, and they made $55,000 in revenue — even more than the first marketing campaign! This time their ROI increased to 1,769%.

So overall, the Jersey Shore Group made $85,000 in revenue from their mailings and achieved a total ROI of 1,078%.

Since then, the Jersey Shore Group has continued their mailings with PostcardMania and can’t wait to see how much more revenue they will generate with postcards in the future.

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other real estate businesses!

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