The postcard used a background image of a beautiful home styled after a log cabin. They placed a picture of the owner of Eipper Realty, Steve Eipper, in the top left corner to create a personal connection with recipients. Right on the front of the card, they featured a box where they laid out “The Eipper Difference.” This was a great way of showing prospects how they are better than their competition right off the bat. The headline read, “Real Experience. Real Results!”

The Situation

Eipper Realty is a convenient, dual-threat real estate company. They can give you a professional appraisal for your home and then sell it for you…fast. They wanted to generate more leads, so they could do more of that appraising and selling (and generate more revenue). They consulted with our marketing experts to learn more about postcard marketing.

The Solution

Our marketing team put together a strategic, targeted marketing plan for Eipper to create repeated exposure with quality prospects. Their campaign consisted of two mailings to a mailing list of 3,000 homes. These homes were specifically chosen because they are single-family homeowners; their occupants were between the ages of 30 and 70; and they made an annual income of over $70,000.

The Results

We closed two deals, which generated $4,000 using postcard marketing!

The postcards generated quite a few calls for Eipper Realty (and quite a few compliments as well). From these responses, they closed 2 deals, which generated $4,000 for their company!

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