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The Situation

Ziptron Energy was looking for a way to recruit more independent gas stations to become part of their Mr. Zip franchise.

The Solution

Ziptron Energy is a fuel distributor that serves the eastern Tennessee area. Since this side of the business is focused on Business-2-Business (B2B) sales, Ziptron turned to direct mail to reach their exact target market with an SIC mailing list.

Ziptron Energy chose a design that features an illuminated gas station, immediately signaling the postcard’s relevance to the recipient’s business, also including:

  • A header that immediately communicates their offer and their service benefits
  • A central image of a brightly lit gas station, helping reinforcing the headline’s message
  • A row of popular gas station logos that they work with, building their credibility

A huge contributor to this campaign’s success was their selected mailing lists. They used business mailing lists targeting businesses such as gas stations and convenience stores with gas pumps, who both need lots of fuel on a regular basis. Their mailing list also omitted franchises, ensuring that every recipient would be receptive to a new fuel distribution method.

The mailing schedule also helped bring in results. So far, they’ve mailed out once a month for 7 months, with several more mailings to go. This consistency ensured that their business would remain top-of-mind when recepien’s think about how to grow their business.

The Results

Generated around $80,000 in revenue!

Ziptron Energy received 8 responses and converted 4. They averaged about $20,000 a sale, meaning they generated around $80,000 in revenue! They only spent $1,759.20 on this campaign so far so their current return on their investment is 4,448% – a number than will continue to climb as they complete their campaign.

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other fuel distributors!

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