The Situation

This water filtration system provider wanted more homes to install their water softening systems, so they contacted PostcardMania to help spread the word using bulk mail.

The Solution

Our marketing experts worked with Purity Bay to develop a direct mail campaign that targeted newer homes in their area.

Their postcard campaign delivered results because:

  • The headline simultaneously grabs attention, gives a free benefit and highlights a pain point of other water analysis offers
  • The use of light blues give this card a cool, clean feeling that reflects their company’s overall purpose
  • Limited-time only coupons develop a sense of urgency in the recipient to request the free water analysis

The Results

In just 1 mailing, they have received 8 leads and 3 sales! These have generated $20,000 in income!!

Are you interested in doing a similar bulk mail campaign for your business? Call us, and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other professional services!

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