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The background of the card is all kinds of patriotic, showing stars and stripes behind a headline that reads, “Re-Elect Shawn R. Stewart for Canton City Council.” The copy on the back shows what Shawn has done already as a councilmember and what he plans to do if re-elected. This is a great tactic to help voters visualize future benefits while building credibility with what he’s already produced.

The Situation

Shawn R. Stewart was already a successful politician in Canton, Texas. In other words, he was already an elected City Councilman. However, if you want to STAY successful, you have to continue to get elected every few years. Stewart wanted to look into more efficient ways to get his message to his constituents, so he can keep more contact with them to show them why he still deserves their vote. He called our marketing consultants to learn more about postcard marketing.

The Solution

After talking it over with his consultant, Shawn decided to use postcards for his re-election campaign. He got a mailing list of registered voters from county records. It turned out to be 2,190 homes, to which he sent his postcard twice. He handed his remaining postcards out at events as flyers so that none of his cards went to waste.

The Results

We won the election!

They won the election! Is there anything else to say? Politics is about winning the race. Shawn gets to keep his job and continue to serve his community. His community gets to benefit from his already stellar productivity. It’s a win-win, and at PostcardMania we love win-wins.