The postcard featured a large image of Suzy with a small quote describing what she can offer her constituents. Then, there was another image of Suzy speaking with a prospective constituent. Below this second image was Suzy’s name, office desired, the date of the election and her slogan: “A New Voice for Smithfield”. The back featured a list of 6 items Suzy pledged to accomplish for her town.

The Situation

Suzy Alba decided she wanted to enter public service, so she chose to run for a local Town Council seat. Being new to the political realm, she consulted with our marketing experts to discuss the best way to get her name out and secure enough votes to win her election.

The Solution

Our marketing team designed Suzy a marketing campaign that introduced her to her prospective constituents while developing a personal connection and communicating her political message effectively and efficiently. The postcards were sent one time to 6,000 registered voters in Smithfield.

The Results

Won her seat with the highest amount of votes out of any of the 10 candidates elected and did it as a newcomer!

Here are the results of the campaign, in Suzy’s own words: “I wanted to share the great news that I earned a seat on the Smithfield, RI Town Council and received the highest number of votes out of all ten candidates! I had a good feeling about the effort I put forth and the response I received from voters but I never imagined that I would earn the top votes as a newcomer … I wanted to thank you and the team of people that worked with me at PostcardMania. I really feel that my message and plans for the town resonated with voters and I know that the postcard mailing helped me get my message out right before the election. During the day on Election Day, a number of voters shared with me that they had the postcard on their refrigerator to remind them to vote for me and I also saw many with the post cards in their pockets on Election Day. Thanks again!”

CSID: 3758