The Situation

Cindy Howard set out with the goal to become Cass County’s Treasurer. She came to PostcardMania to utilize our bulk mail campaigns to garner more votes.

The Solution

Our marketing experts worked with Cindy to develop a direct mail campaign that targeted Republicans in the county.

Her integrated campaign delivered results because:

  • The front side of the card featured Cindy’s headshot along with big, bold, American-colored text, immediately letting the recipient know the card’s purpose.
  • A starburst with a reminder of the new election date to encourage recipients to get out and vote.
  • A mention of her Facebook account for recipients who want access to more details about Cindy’s positions and why to vote for her.
  • The back side is split between informing the recipient of Cindy’s qualifications for treasurer and letting them know how to vote safely by absentee ballot in the pandemic age – building credibility and making sure every recipient understands Cindy cares for their well-being first.

The Results

Won the primary race!

“The postcards worked magic – Cindy won the primary and is unopposed for the general election in November!”

CSID: 33304