The Situation

Valley of the Moon Plumbing is a new business opened by two plumbers and lifelong friends in Sonoma, CA. They called PostcardMania for help marketing their plumbing company and building up a customer base.

The Solution

Our marketing consultants have delivered hundreds of plumbing campaigns over the last 18 years. They suggested Valley of the Moon send direct mail postcards to the surrounding area to get their name out in the community and drum up some business!

Their postcard was designed for success, with:

  • Bright colors and a bold headline that gets the attention of its recipients especially those in need of a plumber!
  • A photo of the owner-operators, which helps establish trust with their prospects (people want to know who they are letting into their homes!)
  • Two valuable offers that encourage people to try out a new plumbing company (Bonus: The offers are applicable only with the postcard, which is a great way to track their results!)

The plumbers mailed their postcards once to a list of 6,000 homeowners surrounding their business. We recommend mailing to the same recipients multiple times to generate a better return on investment, but Valley of the Moon was pleased with the results from mailing only once!

The Results

15 new customers and $9,100 in income!

The plumbing company generated 15 jobs and $9,100 in immediate revenue a 243.66% return on investment!

And those are just the people who received their postcard and called right away those numbers dont account for the people who didnt need a plumber just then, but are holding onto the card for when they do!

And if those 15 new customers were happy with their service (and judging by the number of 5-star reviews on Valley of the Moons Yelp page, they were!), theyll be lifelong customers who call again and again for future plumbing needs.

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other plumbers!

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