The Situation

When Upper Montclair Eye Care Wear wanted to get the word out that they had moved to a new location, they called the marketing experts at PostcardMania for help.

The Solution

Along with our marketing consultants, Upper Montclair Eye Care Wear created a postcard that got right to the point. The most important piece of information on the card was that they had changed locations, so they made THAT the headline!

Heres what else makes their postcard so effective:

  • The large image of a woman wearing glasses lets the recipients know what the postcard is about right away (optometry services)
  • Two great offers with an expiration date create a sense of urgency for the prospect to act
  • The CTA (call to action) Use your VSP flex spend benefits before they expire! serves as a reminder to recipients that they need to use their flex spending while telling them exactly how to use it!

PostcardMania provided Upper Montclair Eye Care Wear with a mailing list that would help them reach their ideal prospects. Their list targeted a mail route with an average demographic of upper income residents, age 40-70. Since the postcard goes to EVERY mailbox on that route, its easier for the post office and it saves money on postage!

Upper Montclair Eye Care Wear only sent the postcard out once we recommend hitting your mailing list at least three times but wait until you see their results!

The Results

Our mailings generated about $24,000

Through diligent tracking, the optometry team were able to attribute 60 responses to the postcard. For Upper Montclair Eye Care Wear, each of those customers is worth about $400, so the postcards brought in $24,000! They spent a total of $4,766 on the mailing which means they got a ROI (return on investment) of 503%!

CSID: 3822