The postcard had a unique brick background, which made it stand out to recipients. The card also displayed a coffee table with a pair of glasses sitting on top of it, next to a picture of a smiling family. The headline read, “Clearer Vision Just Got Easier.” On the right side, they announced that they were having their grand opening and were now scheduling appointments. They made sure to provide all the necessary contact information and filled their marketing copy with the benefits of experiencing professional eye care and vision correction.

The Situation

Lampasas Eye Care was a brand new eye care practice in Lampasas, TX. The staff at Lampasas wanted to get started on the right foot, so they investigated some marketing options to use for their grand opening promotions. They consulted with our marketing experts to find out if postcards could be the answer.

The Solution

After talking over some of the successful strategies we’ve used for our other optometry clients, they decided to give postcards a shot. They were brand new in the area, so they needed to start by establishing brand recognition in their local community. They accomplished this by mailing two postcard campaigns of 6,000 cards each. These cards promoted their grand opening and were sent to a carrier route mailing list, which means every house in their surrounding neighborhoods got one. This blanket approach is great for new businesses with wide prospect appeal.

The Results

We generated 125 responses and $28,000 from our postcard mailings!

The grand opening was a huge success. Lampasas Eye Care received 125 responses from the postcards and generated $28,000 in revenue. That’s how you start a business off with great momentum!

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