The Situation

The owners of Advanced Eye Care wanted to remind their existing patient base to come in and get their annual exams, so they contacted us to design and mail an effective postcard campaign.

The Solution

Advanced Eye Care has been mailing every month for over 10 years. Their postcard design + mailing strategy (to their own patient list) has consistently brought in revenue for them, and here’s why it works:

  • They use the SAME eye-catching design to create consistency of message and brand recognition.
  • Their bold headline is straight to the point: you’re due for an eye appointment!
  • 3 special offers give patients coupons they can use (and save $$$ with!).

Each month they mail to their patient list, and check out their results.

The Results

143 responses and $25,000 in revenue!

Their most recent campaign generated 143 responses and $25,000 in revenue – and that’s just from mailing 1,011 postcards in ONE MONTH. Considering the lifetime value of their patients (that being $3,000 each), the long-term revenue from just this ONE campaign comes out to $429,000 (143 responses x $3,000). With results like these, it’s clear why they mail every month (for 10 years, in fact!) to invite their existing patients back in for eye care.

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other optometrists!

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