The Situation

Located in Paradise, California, Pine Ridge splits duties as an RV Park and as a small storage facility, but for this campaign, they wanted to focus on filling their storage units specifically the newly built units. To do so, they chose PostcardMania to create a postcard campaign that would fill their storage facility to the brim!. An ever-expanding clientele is important to Pine Ridge, given that their average client only keeps their items in storage for about six months. Nothing a little postcard marketing cant handle!

The Solution

For their mailing campaign, we helped them select a mailing list of 3,738 residences from the surrounding area. We mailed to the list twice to ensure repeated exposure, which is a huge MUST in marketing. The goal of this campaign was to let residents nearby know that Pine Ridge had recently built 45 brand new units, and the design does a great job of immediately conveying this. On the front of the postcard, their main message is big, bold, and bright. This allows the prospects to immediately grasp the intended message without having to put forth too much effort. Pine Ridges postcard also includes pictures of the new storage facilities rather than stock photos, letting their target audience know that theyre legitimate and trustworthy. Also, because they include a limited time offer and a big, clear call to action, the chances of their prospects turning into a client are much higher.

The Results

Pine Ridge was able to fill 20 of their units. At $45/month, with an average stay of 6 months, thats $5,400

After having only completed half of their mailing, Pine Ridge was able to fill 20 of their units. At $45/month, with an average stay of 6 months, thats $5,400! Just think, thats with only half I repeat, HALF of their campaign completed. If they continue to see similar results, they will receive over $10,000 and not to toot our own horn, but thats a fantastic turn out!