The Situation

With five locations across the state, Massachusetts Monster Movers was looking to generate a steady stream of new clients, so they came to PostcardMania for help.

The Solution

We helped them target homes for sale in their service area for maximum response rate. Monster Movers sends out an average of 800 postcards per month, though it fluctuates with the market.

Heres why their postcard is awesome:

  • The eye-catching image of a couple looking into a moving box and simple, large headline work together for instant industry recognition
  • Their contact information is big and bold on BOTH sides
  • A subheadline that leads into text on the back
  • A great offer (free travel time to your home) PLUS free estimates

The Results

Monster Movers generates about $6,000 per month in new jobs from their mailings a 968% return on their investment! A monster success!

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