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The Situation

Jims Moving Service has been providing packing, moving and storage services for more than 30 years. They called PostcardMania for assistance generating new customers for their business, and we were happy to help!

The Solution

We helped put together a postcard for them to send out to their list of people who had just sold their homes or who were in escrow. Their postcard is simple and effective, with a big, white moving truck on a bright purple background the recipient knows immediately what service is being offered!

Heres why the design is successful:

  • A big, bold headline in this case, the name of the company! with a graphic that supports it
  • Contact information thats easily visible on both sides
  • A subheadline that leads into text on the back
  • Several valuable offers

The Results

Sent out 200 cards each week, and received 40 responses from each mailing

Jims Moving Service sent out 200 cards each week, and received 40 responses from each mailing! Those leads generated an average of $800 each week in new jobs thats a 716% ROI (return on investment)!

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