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Riverbend Mortgage

"If the results are this good, you don't rock the boat. Postcard marketing gets long-term results for mortgage businesses."


Riverbend Mortgage




Cards Mailed

The Situation

Riverbend Mortgage started using postcards in 2004, because they were looking to get more customers for their business. They consulted with our marketing experts to get started and haven’t looked back since.

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The Solution

Wayne picked a stock “Don’t Miss the Boat” postcard from our website. His office is right on the ocean. They market to the surrounding lakes region, where there is prime real estate for vacation and dream homes: Lake Sebago and Lake Winnipesauke in Maine and New Hampshire. Being a boat enthusiast drew him to that particular design! When asked what hasn’t worked in regards to his direct mail postcard marketing, Wayne said, “Nothing!” In fact, he jokes that he is “stuck” with his original postcard design because it has worked so well and he’ll always keep that one in the mix no matter what other designs he uses.

The Results

Riverbend Mortgage has been a customer of PostcardMania for over 2 years and continues to mail regularly. As you can see from the numbers below they started receiving responses from their postcards immediately and it grew even more over time. Response Rate: 1st mailing – 1% response 2nd mailing – 1.5% response 3rd mailing – 2 to 3% response ROI: Wayne calculated his return on investment at 2500% (25 times what he spent!).

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