The Situation

Norcom Mortgage has been in the mortgage business for a while, so the importance of a strong marketing strategy isnt news to them. When it came time to bring more clients (and revenue) on board, they wanted to develop a direct mail campaign. When they heard of the results other companies had achieved with postcard marketing, they decided to give PostcardMania a call.

The Solution

Norcom Mortgage worked together with their marketing consultant to come up with a postcard design that had all the right elements to get prospects to respond. Here are a few of the best elements of their final design:

  • A Real Customer Testimonial This is the perfect way for prospects to see what actual clients think about your services
  • Benefits Why should they choose you? Norcom Mortgage added a list of some really good benefits their business offers prospective clients
  • Strong Call to Action By taking just that extra step of telling a prospect what to do next (e.g. call today!) youre increasing the chance theyll take action

For the mailing, Norcom Mortgage provided a list of 900 records consisting of properties in southern states, and we mailed to this list one time.

The Results

Norcom Mortgage received 10-15 responses from their campaign!

Norcom Mortgage received 10-15 responses from their campaign! Thats a 1.7% response rate, but the best way to measure your campaign is return on investment (ROI). If Norcom Mortgage signs on even one of those leads as new clients, it will more than handle the cost of their campaign.

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