The Situation

Lake Area Mortgage was interested in generating more revenue for their mortgage brokerage, so they called PostcardMania. With a database of more than 7,211 (and more every day!)real estate and mortgage broker clients to cull successful campaigns for, our marketing experts were ready with a plan of action that would get results.

The Solution

Our marketing consultants recommended a postcard campaign that would target Lake Area Mortgages existing customers. Marketing to your current clients is a smart way to get a high return on your investment people who did business with you once are likely to do business with you again!

Their postcard was designed to generate results:

  • The main image attracts attention and conveys the message effectively.
  • Big, bold copy gets right to the point.
  • A clear call to action tells prospects exactly what step to take next.

Lake Area Mortgage provided their own mailing list of 1,120 records from their customer database and then mailed to these prospects twice. Repetition is the key to direct mail success!

The Results

$20,000+ in revenue!

Lake Area Mortgage received 125 responses from their mailing and generated over $20,000 in income! The whole campaign cost them $1,700, so their return on investment (ROI) is over 1,170%. The takeaway? When planning your next marketing campaign, dont forget about your existing clients!

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