This postcard definitely got the attention of its recipients. The design was very visual. On the left, the card had a bright blue textured background. Using red text, the headline read, “Is your home underwater? Help is finally here!” On the right, they featured an image to reinforce their headline. It showed a house half underwater being plucked out of the water by a giant arm wearing a coat designed like the American flag. This communicated the message that Uncle Sam was getting involved to offer help to homeowners who owed more on their home than it was worth.

The Situation

CTC Financial had a very attractive message for their prospective clients: they could help them avoid foreclosure by lowering their monthly payments. They just needed a way to get that message to quality prospects consistently. That’s where postcards came into the picture. They consulted with one of our marketing experts and forged a marketing plan for their business.

The Solution

They needed to make sure they got their postcards to the people they could actually help. They purchased a highly targeted mailing list, which was comprised of Fannie and Freddie loan-holders with a credit score over 620. The mailing list had 2,500 households on it and they mailed their cards to the whole list twice.

The Results

We generated 10 responses leading to $11,500 in revenue from our postcard mailings!

Their targeted mailing list paid off big time. They received 10 responses and closed 3 deals for $11,500!

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