The Situation

Virtuosa GYN, a growing medical practice in the San Antonio, TX area, wanted to get the word out to past and inactive patients that they had opened not just one but TWO new offices. Virtuosa owner, Dr. Susan A.Crockett, was interested in sending out a larger mailing piece to ensure she had plenty of real estate to introduce the new locations and Virtuosas new staff (as well as garner plenty of attention in the mailbox!). A marketing consultant at PostcardMania suggested sending out a newsletter to reactivate past patients. Keep reading to see how it worked out!

The Solution

Virtuosas newsletter design is packed with good information thats useful both to past patients and possible new ones (for pass-along readership). Once its folded, Dr. Crockets main message comes across loud and clear two new offices are now open! Virtuosa also gets bonus points for including a photo of the doctor front and center. After all, its Dr. Crocket that people know and go to see. Using her image is a smart way to trigger the memory of inactive patients as well as build trust. Dr. Crockett provided us with a mailing list of 3,000 records consisting of past or inactive patients. We mailed their newsletter just once to this list.

The Results

With only one mailing to her list, Dr. Crockett said she received more business than we know what to do with! So far, this campaign has generated well over $40,000 for Virtuosa GYN!

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