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The Situation

Hyannis Family Medical Care is a company dedicated to helping people beat addiction privately and affordably. They had a large amount of information they needed to share and came to PostcardMania for help devising a marketing plan.

The Solution

Addiction is a serious and delicate subject that should be approached carefully. To accomplish this, Hyannis Family Medical Care chose to go with a tri-fold brochure rather than a postcard, more than doubling the real estate available for their message.

Here is where their brochures design succeeded:

  • Images that immediately convey what their message is about to the recipient
  • A plethora of information that details the benefits of seeking out help
  • A call to action on nearly every panel of their brochure

As for the mailing, they purchased a mailing list of 24,000 local residents living along certain postal routes. This type of list is called res/occ (resident/occupant) and provides a huge postage discount. All 24,000 residents on their list received this brochure three times over the course of six months.

To go along with their mailing, Hyannis Family Medical Care also signed up for DirectMail2.0 New Patient Edition, which gave them detailed tracking statistics on their when their mailing would hit, as well as how many phone calls came in off of their brochure. (PLUS, they were also able to capture the number of every call even if they didnt answer as well as listen to the phone calls later they did answer.) Their DirectMail2.0 campaign also included online banner ads resembling their mailing that were displayed to everyone who received their brochure in the mail.

The Results

Hyannis Family Medical Cares brochure worked! Their detailed brochure combined with DirectMail2.0 brought in 131 phone calls, while their online ad was seen over 54,000 times. They estimate they will bring in 100 new patients by the end of the year, with each patient valued at $1,000. Thats a $100,000 return by the end of the year!

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