The Situation

Located in Ashburn, VA, Super Kicks wanted to take advantage of the new school year by familiarizing families in the area with their all-inclusive martial arts after school care! To help them bring in these new students, Super Kicks contacted a marketing consultant at PostcardMania to help them do just that!

The Solution

With guidance from our marketing experts, Super Kicks focused in on their target market and purchased a mailing list to match 1,000 records of families with children between the ages of 4-12 and an income of $100K+. Our design experts created a postcard that incorporated all of the best benefits Super Kicks and martial arts have to offer. These are the main points:

An clear bold headline

An amazing offer!

And lastly, a list of all the services they have to offer

The Results

Super Kicks mailed their list once a week for 5 weeks, and it looks like it paid off! The new students who came in off of their postcard mailings will generate $2,100 per month for Super Kicks! Not bad, since the cost of their campaign alone was $2145.70!

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