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The card’s visual appeal came from its bright color choices: yellow, orange and electric blue. While the postcard design was pretty copy-heavy, all the information was essential, and that made it work. They made sure the first thing recipients saw was the most important message: Summer Camp. After that, they outlined the benefits of the class, offered contact info and promoted a special offer to drive prospects to call.

The Situation

Success Martial Arts wanted to increase the enrollments to their children’s summer program, so they came to PostcardMania for marketing assistance.

The Solution

The client provided their own mailing list, which they compiled from their customer database, past inquiries/leads and purchased records (households with children present and an income over $50,000 within a 7 mile radius). These are all high-quality leads. They mailed a one-time blast of 4,500 postcards to this list in May, just as students were finishing up the school year.

The Results

Keeping a database of your customers and leads gives you a great mailing list to use for postcard marketing.

Their campaign produced 6 new student enrollments for the summer camp, which they estimate, based on the lifetime value of their customers, will turn into $20,000 of revenue over the course of the year. Total Campaign Cost: $1762 Return on Investment: 1,135% (Estimated)

CSID: 3802