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Success Martial Arts

"Keeping a database of your customers and leads gives you a great mailing list to use for postcard marketing."


Success Martial Arts


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Central Valley, NY 10917

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The Situation

A martial arts training company wanted to increase the enrollments to their children’s summer program.

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The Solution

The client provided their own mailing list, which they compiled from their customer database, past inquiries/leads and purchased records (households with children present and an income over $50,000 within a 7 mile radius). These are all high-quality leads. They mailed a one-time blast of 4,500 postcards to this list in May, just as students were finishing up the school year.

The Results

Their campaign produced 6 new student enrollments for the summer camp, which they estimate, based on the lifetime value of their customers, will turn into $20,000 of revenue over the course of the year. Total Campaign Cost: $1762 Return on Investment: 1,135% (Estimated)

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