The Situation

William Effler Jewelers has been in business for over 93 years, so they have a pretty good idea of what works to get business pumping (and to get through the hard times). So when the time came to start promoting their 93rd Anniversary Sale, they contacted us to design a postcard campaign to reach out to their best customers.

The Solution

In 93 years, Wm. Effler Jewelers has collected quite the list of top customers. They provided a list of 4,355 records, comprised of anyone who spent more than $500 at a single time with them. The postcard design doesnt get in its own way. It is clear and attention-grabbing, especially to those we targeted because of their established affinity for William Effler Jewelers. Here are the keys:

  • A crystal-clear headline
  • An eye-grabbing image
  • An amazing offer (25-50% off)

This design was sent to all 4,355 customers one time leading up to the sale.

The Results

[The campaign] was for our annual sale, so a fair amount of people came in and made purchases … It brought in around $25,000 of additional money. You know, just your standard $25,000-REVENUE-GENERATING postcard campaign. When the right offer gets in front of the right people, magical things happen. Although it isnt as much magic as it is proven marketing principles, but whatever. Tomato, To-mah-to.

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