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This postcard had a simple strategy to attract interest. It simply showed the great jewelry the company has to offer, and provided the prospective customers with the date and time of their special sale. That was all they needed to do to get people in the door.

The Situation

Castle Gap wanted an easy, efficient and effective way to market their jewelry store – something they didn’t have to think too much about. They called in and spoke with one of our marketing consultants to discuss the best options for them. In the end, they ended up going with a strategic postcard campaign to target their previous customers.

The Solution

Our design team created a vibrant postcard that definitely jumps out at you from a pile of mail. Prominently featured on the card are images of Castle Gap’s products, so customers can remember why they loved Castle Gap in the first place. Here are a few other highlights from the design: The headline is crystal clear and to-the-point The dates of the clearance sale are right on the front of the card The back of the card uses images to draw attention to the sale Throughout the year, Castle Gap has used 5 different cards to market their business, mailing all of them to their house list of customers.

The Results

The great customer service/simplicity of ordering [is what keeps me coming back]. If something is wrong or missed, I can depend on PostcardMania to catch the issue before printing. And of course the reasonable cost.

Due to the steadfast commitment Castle Gap showed in the mailing of their postcards, they are reaping fantastic results from their campaigns. They have made $22,000 off their postcards. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished together, and we asked the owner what made her keep coming back to PostcardMania. Here was her response:

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