The Situation

Wise Home Insurance Services specializes in handling hard-to-insure properties in Southern California, Nevada, Arizona and Texas. They reached out to PostcardMania for help finding prospects having difficulty finding homeowners insurance or who have had their policies canceled.

The Solution

Our marketing consultants recommended a postcard campaign for the insurance agent that would reach out to other agents and brokers with clients whose home insurance policies are cancelled or difficult to write.

Heres why this home insurance design was effective:

  • The red-and-white color scheme helps the postcard stand out in the agents daily stack of mail
  • The back of the postcard talks about the BENEFITS of referring their clients to Wise Insurance (keep your clients insured and happy!)
  • Listing their contact information on the front and back makes it easy for recipients to reach them quickly and easily

Wise Home Insurance purchased a mailing list of 1,643 State Farm insurance agents in Texas and California and divided the list into three parts. They mailed 500 cards every 3 weeks until they had reached the whole list.

The Results

5-10 responses per mailing, generating $250-$1,000, depending on the policy

The insurance brokers postcard got a great response, generating 5-10 new clients per mailing. Each new client represents $250-$1,000 in immediate revenue, depending on the policy and thats just for ONE YEAR of coverage! Most people with tough-to-insure homes dont shop around for new insurance they stay with the company that signs them. That means years of steady income for Wise Insurance!

CSID: 3776