The Situation

Todd Spaide Insurance Agency offers broad insurance coverage for hotels and motels in the state of Texas. They called PostcardMania for help reaching potential clients they might be able to help save on insurance costs.

The Solution

Our marketing experts came up with a results-driven postcard campaign for the insurance agency. The plan: to send out 500 cards every month until they reached all 1,055 hotel/motel owners on their list 6 times. (Repetition its so important!)

Heres what makes this insurance postcard so effective:

  • The main images (a hotel and motel), along with the straightforward headline immediately grab attention and tell them what is being offered
  • A sub headline and bullet points on the back of the card are easily scannable
  • The return address lets prospects know that this is a legitimate business, which is extremely important when it comes to insurance agencies!

The folks at Todd Spaide Insurance Agency know that repetition is VITAL in postcard marketing, not only because it keeps your business at the top of prospects minds, but also because it lets them know that youre not going anywhere anytime soon! We usually recommend hitting your mailing list at least 3 times 6 times (like this insurance agency did) is twice as effective!

The Results

$6,000 in immediate revenue!

After just ONE mailing of 471 postcards, Todd Spaide Insurance Agency got 6 responses that generated about $6,000 in commissions! The cost of that mailing was less than $900, which means their return on investment is already almost 700% and theyve only hit HALF of their mailing list ONCE!

If they continue getting that kind of response, this campaign is on track to generate $72,000 in revenue!

CSID: 3777