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The front headline and image immediately portrayed the comfort a new mattress offers. The back of the card had a clearly stated message announcing their new location and the 10-day sales event with an offer of “$50 OFF.” The purpose of the card was to drive in more sales for this 10-day sale, so they used a special offer to motivate customers to bring in the postcard and redeem their discount.

The Situation

Verlo Mattress Factory wanted to use postcard marketing to increase their December sales by generating interest in their year-ending, 10-day sale. They had heard about it working for similar businesses and consulted with our marketing experts to see how it could help them achieve their goals.

The Solution

Verlo Mattress printed 8,500 postcards promoting a 10-day sales event on the back. This event was the main draw and selling point, which worked to bring customers in the store during what is a normally slow time for their industry.

Mailing Schedule: The campaign consisted of 8,500 postcards – 2 mailings with the criteria below.

Mailing Lists:

  • List 1: Customers who purchased directly from Verlo Mattress stores over the last two years.
    • Mailed: 4,656 postcards
  • List 2: Customers who purchased from Verlo Mattress stores that closed within the last three years, but were near enough to consider shopping at this location.
    • Mailed: 3,844 postcards

The Results

Looking to boost sales during a big retail event? Nothing beats the return on investment generated by direct mail postcards.

On average, each lead from the postcard generated $900 in sales. Postcard marketing is the only form of advertising they did for this sale besides their ongoing Pay-Per-Click ads. During this period, they rose to one of the top 10 stores within the 50-store franchise. This postcard campaign directly affected the success of their 10-day sale. Campaign Cost, Including Postage: $2777.81 Sales from Leads Generated: Approximately $13,000 ROI (Return on Investment): 368%

CSID: 3752