The postcard design was a cartoon scene of a man sitting on his floor trying to work. The man exclaimed, “That’s it…time to get some office furniture.” This was an engaging design visually, so it got the attention of prospects and intrigued them to learn what the rest of the card had to say.

The Situation

St. Charles Office Furniture heard that marketing postcards were a great way of increasing sales. They consulted with our marketing experts to find out if the revenue production really lived up to the hype.

The Solution

Erik Nobs, of St. Charles Office Furniture, has been doing postcard marketing since 2001. He currently mails 5,000 postcards per week as well as sending a monthly brochure mailing of 12,000 pieces. Through his years mailing postcards, Erik has found that he gets the best response when he mails consistently and uses colorful designs. He tested and tested and over time determined that changing the design of his postcard every three mailings also helped boost response. This way he can build up recognition, but the design of the cards doesn’t get stale.

The Results

Small businesses have to go with the marketing that works. For this furniture company, it's marketing postcards.

Postcards make up 75% of St. Charles’ marketing because that’s where they get the best response. Then, they supplement the direct mail campaign with newspaper, radio, TV and trade magazine ads. Erik has calculated that his return on investment is at least 10 times what he spends on his postcard marketing, but he made the point that you have to send them out repetitively to get that kind of response.

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