The postcard design features a background image that shows an insurance professional deciding between three paths: 1) problem, 2) success and 3) defeat. The headline read, “Attention Insurance Agents: Are you tired of low income OR not receiving enough leads? We can help!” The back of the card explains how RJB offers better career opportunities to insurance agents than any other company.

The Situation

RJB Financial Services is always on the lookout to recruit new insurance agents for their company. They heard that postcard marketing had a track record of generating leads for small businesses and consulted with our marketing experts to find out more.

The Solution

Our marketing team helped RJB construct an effective marketing strategy for their recruitment goals. They mailed 1,000 postcards per week to a 6,000-home mailing list comprised of the homes of licensed insurance agents. This got their message out to quality prospective recruits for their business and gave them repeated exposure with them.

The Results

We generated 261 responses and 20 new agents from our postcard mailings!

After mailing 11,000 postcards, they had received 261 calls from their prospective recruits. From these responders, they signed 20 new agents! They can’t calculate their return on investment quite yet, because the recruits have just started, but they believe their postcard marketing efforts are going to pay off big for their company long-term.

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