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The Situation

Greenlife Energy Solutions offers free home weatherization for income-qualified customers in the Union, NJ area, but the local city government pays them for each home they adapt for energy efficiency. They were looking for a creative way to let homeowners know about their services, so they contacted PostcardMania for ideas.

The Solution

Union, NJ is a sprawling suburb that is known to be “a little citified” according to the New York Times. It is made up of young families, but it also has many older residents who have lived there for years. Greenlife Energy Solutions started their first direct mail campaign with us in March of 2021 to reach more of these homeowners in need of green energy solutions.

They provided specific lists of customers who use the local electricity providers: Elizabethtown Gas and South Jersey Gas. Greenlife’s first postcard featured a friendly photo of a family and a list of qualifiers, like annual income and number of family members, to assure them which programs they are eligible for. The back of the postcard also listed the different services Greenlife provides to help lower their electric bills.

PostcardMania sent out 10,000 postcards to South Jersey Gas customers and 10,000 postcards to Elizabethtown Gas customers. Then the following month, Greenlife continued the direct mail marketing campaign and sent out another 10,000 postcards in two batches of 5,000.

As a result of that first campaign, Greenlife received 33 responses and converted 21 of them!

Just two months of sending mailers brought in an impressive return on their investment, so they kept going and continued mailing postcards about every month.

In their most recent campaign, Greenlife decided to change up the postcard design and narrow their customer list even more by targeting the 65 and up community, many of whom have older homes that need to be updated on a limited budget.

This updated postcard design (featured above in this article) included:

  • New photos of technicians working on house projects
  • A QR code that allows the recipient to easily scan it with his or her smartphone and go directly to Greenlife’s website for more information
  • A bold headline in colors that pop that says “Free of Charge.”

This time around, 12,479 postcards went out in two batches to a list of seniors in the area between October and December of 2021.


The Results

144 leads and 82 new clients so far! Their response rate grew 236%, and their number of customers grew 191%!

They received 111 leads and have converted 61 to new clients so far with their second campaign!

Out of the 12,479 holiday cards mailed, they received 111 leads and converted 61 to new clients! Combined with their very first campaign, that amounts to a total of 42,479 postcards, 144 responses, and 82 new customers, which doesn’t include all of the responses and customers they received between May and September.

Greenlife is a great example of how success grows with time, because over the course of 2021, their response rate grew 236%, and their number of customers grew 191%! This is just one example of how marketing consistently creates momentum — the more you consistently you market, the more you get from it. And we all want more business, customers and revenue, right?

Although they do not have the exact amount of generated revenue, they expect the number of conversions to continue to grow in time and are very happy with the return on investment.

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us, and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other home weatherization services!



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