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The Situation

Yates Dry Cleaning is a full-service dry cleaning and laundry business in Alexandria, VA. After investing in a few other marketing tactics like magazine and newspaper ads, that didnt quite go the way they wanted, Yates owners were looking for a marketing strategy that would give them the quality they wanted while still being affordable and of course that would bring in a good amount of new customers. They consulted our marketing experts to learn more about how a postcard marketing campaign could do just that.

The Solution

When Yates Dry Cleaning heard the results wed achieved for other businesses like theirs, they decided to give Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) a try! EDDM allowed Yates to market to an entire mail carrier route (homes and business) at a discounted postage rate. This was perfect for Yates Dry Cleaning, because it allowed them to reach out to a broad range of people at a lower rate while still ensuring they all lived nearby.

In fact, its possible to select your EDDM carrier route based on the average income of the homes on that specific route, which is the tactic Yates employed. With our help, they purchased a list of 6,000 EDDM records in high income neighborhoods. Weve mailed to this list once and still have 2 more mailings planned.

The Results

Yates Dry Cleaning received 50 new customers, and their campaign has already paid for itself

Their campaign was a winner! Within the first week of their postcard campaign, Yates Dry Cleaning received 50 new customers, and their campaign has already paid for itself including postage! Plus, those new customers will continue to come in which will bring in much more revenue in the months to come. With 2 more mailings to go, we think Yates will definitely get quite the profitable return on investment.

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