The Situation

Today’s Dentistry is a dental office located in both League City and Galveston, Texas. Desiring to increase their patient numbers, they reached out to PostcardMania’s marketing services to help them achieve their goals.

The Solution

Design: A postcard marketing campaign that targets all residents within a radius around the two locations. The postcard includes:

  • Professionally designed graphics and formatting, making the card easily readable to the recipient.
  • Multiple five-star reviews and testimonies from satisfied patients, giving the office credibility.
  • Multiple coupons and exclusive offers that are redeemable with the card, providing the recipient with more incentive to respond to the card.

Clear and detailed contact information for both locations, giving the recipient a way to respond.

Mailing List: All residents within a radius around the two locations.

The Results

171 new patient inquiry calls!

Because of their campaign, Today’s Dentistry received 171 unique calls to their business and earned 123,672 Facebook Ad Displays and over 5 million Google Ad Displays! Additionally, their Facebook ads produced 908 clicks and their Google ads produced 2,081 clicks.

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