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The Situation

Denture Crafters is a small dental lab located in Blue Springs, MD, that manufactures dentures for general dentists around the country. When they were ready to build their client base, they called PostcardMania.

The Solution

Our marketing experts have helped more than 4,500 dental clients grow their revenue! They recommended a results-generating postcard campaign for Denture Crafters.

Heres why their postcard is such an attention-getter:

  • The cheeky, bright design helps it stand out in a stack of mail
  • The headline, and the sub headline on the back, tell dentists the BENEFITS of using their service (save money and chair time)
  • The main graphic a set of dentures lets their prospects know exactly what theyre offering

Every 3-6 weeks, the dental lab sent the postcards to 6,000 general dentists in select states around the country, until they had reached each recipient 8 TIMES. Repetition is the key to success in direct mail marketing, because it increases your visibility AND credibility (because it tells prospects youre not going anywhere anytime soon)!

The Results

80 new leads!

Denture Crafters generated about 80 responses from 8 mailings. Each new dental client is worth about $6,000 per year for the lab, so even if they only closed HALF of those leads, they would generate $240,000 in revenue! Since the entire campaign cost was just over $21,000, thats an 858% return on their investment!