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The Situation

Legacy All Sports is an all-inclusive gymnastics school offering extracurricular instruction in Dance, Gymnastics, Tumbling and more! With all that going on, they wanted some professional help with a marketing campaign that would spread the word about their new enrollment period to past students. Thats when they contacted the marketing experts at PostcardMania to develop an amazing postcard campaign!

The Solution

What Legacy liked about direct mail is that it goes straight to the door of those most likely to want or need their services! They wanted to create a design that would get the attention of their past students. To do this, there were a few main keys we used to design their postcard:

Graphics and colors that reinforce your marketing message Legacy is a fun and exciting place! We took that and ran, adding bright colors and real photos of students at the gym so that recipients of the card would immediately know who it was from.

A clear headline that cuts to the chase The message on Legacys direct mail piece is clear they have a ton of space for activities that your child enjoys!

Make contact information front and center to increase calls- Legacys contact information is in 3 different places on their card! Its clear how to reach them whether by phone, address, or website.

Legacy All Sports provided us with a mailing list of past students and they handled the mailings themselves based on their enrollment schedule.

The Results

Legacy has gotten 100 students from the mailing, resulting in $8,000 in their first month alone!

Their campaign worked! Already, Legacy has gotten 100 students from the mailing, resulting in $8,000 in their first month alone! Thats revenue that will continue to roll in over the semester and future semesters, and will continue to build as those families refer others.

Cost of campaign: $543 (Not including postage as client mailed themselves)

ROI: 416% (estimated including postage)

CSID: 3661