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The postcard design was fun and playful. The pink background was accented by gold stars, which were arranged to appear as different depths. This gave the card a really eye-catching visual appeal and got their customers attention. They also added two images of young girls dancing to help the recipients visualize what their daughter would look like as a dancer. The headline read, Catch the Excitement Dance. They featured two announcements prominently in the center of the card. One announced that their competition team had won 1st place in their competitions. The other offered a 20% discount on one item in their in-studio boutique. These announcements reestablished credibility with the customers again and added a financial incentive to reenlist.

The Situation

Garden City Dance Studio wanted to fill up their classes, so they called PostcardMania for help marketing their dance studio.

The Solution

Our consultants went through some dance studio marketing ideas with Garden City and together they decided to reach out to their former students with direct mail postcards.

Dance studio postcards are cost-effective marketing tool, especially when you send them to your customer database. You have already established trust and credibility with people who have done business with you in the past, which is a huge aspect of marketing any business!

Heres what made the postcard so effective:

  • The playful design, fonts and headline work together to create a postcard with lots of good energy
  • The pink-and-gold color scheme and images work with the headline to tell recipients immediately what the postcard is about
  • An offer of 20% off any boutique item entices their recipients to come in to do some shopping (and maybe resign for classes while theyre there!)

Garden City Dance Studio sent the postcards one time to a list of 1,223 former students. Although advertising is most effective when your message is repeated multiple times, the dance academy was pleased with their results from just one mailing.

The Results

We brought in 10 new students and $4,500 in revenue from our postcards!

For Garden City, direct mail postcards were an effective marketing strategy. After sending the postcards out once, they resigned 10 students each generating $50 in revenue per month! Their sessions last 9 months, which means they received $4,500 in revenue!

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