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The Situation

Devoted Dance Academy offers dance and tumbling lessons to the families of St. Bernard Parish in Louisiana. When they were ready for more students, they called the marketing experts at PostcardMania!

The Solution

We helped the dance studio target their ideal customer and come up with a winning design for their postcard with this audience in mind.

Heres why their direct mail piece was so effective:

  • The warm pink-green-white color scheme and image of a ballet class immediately tells prospects what the postcard is about
  • Two great offers really stand out in bright magenta boxes and draw your eyes right in
  • The subheadline on the back leads into more text, which makes the postcard extremely readable
  • Benefits! The postcard explains the benefits of enrolling in dance class rather than just what their studio has to offer.

Back to that bit about identifying their ideal customer:

PostcardManias marketing consultants worked with Devoted Dance Academy to determine the best mailing list for the campaign 5,000 consumers surrounding their school with children ages 2-10 and a household income of $45k or more.

While we recommend mailing to your target market at least three times in a single direct mail campaign, the studios owners opted to only mail once to all 5,000 records. But their results are on pointe!

The Results

We had about 10-15 responses from our last mailing, with three converting over to new students.

Each of the three new students Devoted Dance Academy got from the postcard campaign (a marketing investment of $2,697) will bring in $2,880 in tuition each year. If you take into account their long-term value, which potentially includes added classes, sibling enrollment and dancewear, each of the three new students can potentially generate $700 MORE per year, averaging a total of $3,580 per year in revenue for each student.

This puts their potential year one return at $10,740

This doesnt even take into account the students who stay for more than one year. If one of those new students is 3-year-old who takes up dance, they could continue coming back every year until theyre 18 thats another 15 years of potential recurring revenue!

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