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The Situation

Dance Xperience of Mt. Laurel, NJ, was looking to boost attendance in their summer dance classes. They called PostcardMania for help with marketing ideas.

The Solution

Our experts recommended a revenue-generating direct mail postcard campaign for the dance academy. Heres what made it effective:

  • The super-colorful postcard really stands out in the mail, attracting prospects attention
  • The photo of four girls posing and smiling in dancewear works with the headline to tell recipients exactly what is being offered
  • A sub headline leading into text makes it easy to read the card and see what they have to offer
  • A strong call to action (CTA) encourages recipients to call right away

Dance Xperience purchased a mailing list of 4,000 prospects with an annual income over $75k and children ages 2-17. Targeting your dance studio advertising to your ideal prospects helps you avoid wasting marketing dollars reaching people who have no interest in what you offer!

Knowing that repetition is vital when marketing dance classes (or anything else!), Dance Xperience sent their postcards to their mailing list three times over three months.

The Results

They earned a total of $3,450 off of this one campaign alone.

By the end of summer, the dance school had acquired 46 new students, representing $75 each in profit a total of $3450 in profit just during the summer months! Any of those students who sign up for fall classes bring in another $250 in profit each!

Dance studio advertising is really effective when you target your ideal prospects and deliver your message repeatedly!