Their postcard design was bright and fun. It used vibrant colors like orange, pink and purple, and featured three pictures of young girls dancing. The marketing strategy focused on their classes for children. They let the copy (the words on an advertisement) go into detail about all of the different types of classes they offer. This approach, as well as an emphasis on their experience (25 years!) and a $10 registration discount, helped them get the most out of their marketing.

The Situation

When the Center for Dance Arts wanted to bring in more students, they called PostcardMania for help with their dance studio advertising.

The Solution

Direct mail postcards are a PROVEN tool for marketing dance classes, so our consultants helped the studio create a results-generating campaign.

Heres what made the postcard so effective:

  • The clear, bold headline works with the images to let the recipients know immediately what is being offered
  • Bright purple, pink and orange help the postcard stand out in the mailbox
  • An attractive offer of $10 registration appeals to parents to sign their kids up at a discount

When marketing for dance studios, using a targeted mailing list helps you avoid wasting money advertising your dance classes to uninterested prospects. The Center for Dance Arts maximized their marketing dollars by sending their postcard only to households with an annual income of more than $30,000 and children ages 3-10.

While dance studio ads like all marketing tend to perform better when viewed multiple times, the Center for Dance Arts saw great results just from one postcard mailing.

The Results

We generated $500 per month for 9 months from our postcard campaign!

Well let the studios owner tell you about their dance academy advertisement results: I have 10 new students, which is $50 per month x 10. That gives me $500 per month x 9 months if they stay (for the full season).

If youre wondering how to advertise your dance classes, PostcardMania will set you up with a revenue-generating marketing campaign!

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