The Situation

Empire Restaurant Brokers is a company located in Worcester, MA that buys and sells restaurants and fast food eateries. With over 30 years of experience owning and operating food establishments, George Gourousis, who owns one of the offices, has the expertise to evaluate and market companies to buyers. He needed to advertise his services and bring in more clients, so he reached out to PostcardMania for marketing assistance.

The Solution

PostcardMania designed a 6 x 11 postcard that included the following features:

  • Offers for free evaluations and paid referral fees
  • Personalization on the front of the card that shows the recipient’s first name
  • A cut-out square of their contact information on the back of the card that prospects can save
  • A contemporary design that appeals to restaurant owners

Empire Restaurant Brokers mailed 6,848 postcards to businesses in the Hartford, CT and Worcester, MA areas. They targeted specific types of eateries, such as pizza places, bars, coffee shops, restaurants, etc.

Each postcard had the first name of the contact on the front of the card to grab their attention, and the size of the mailer was also extra-large to stand out in a typical stack of mail.

The Results

They got 2 new clients and earned $43,000 in revenue!

Empire Restaurant Brokers heard back from 4 people and converted 2 of them. As a result, this particular mailing brought in $43,000 total, but it is not completed yet. They purchased over 26,000 postcards in 2019, and they have been mailing them out every quarter.

Looking to the future, Empire Restaurant Brokers is excited to achieve even greater success with postcard marketing.

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other real estate investors.

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