The Situation

Mid-Atlantic Skin, a Waldorf, MD medical spa specializing in beauty services, wanted to debut their newest service Smartlipo with a bang. They decided to go with an open house event to draw in prospects from all over their surrounding area. They contacted a marketing consultant at PostcardMania to put together a campaign that would bring in new patients for the open house.

The Solution

Mid-Atlantic chose to purchase a mailing list with the help of one of our marketing consultants. Their target audience for this campaign was women between the ages of 36-55, living within 15 miles of the clinic, with an income of $100k+ who were also interested in any of the following:

Dieting/weight loss



Our marketing consultant found 10,000 records matching this profile in their area, so once their design was completed, the campaign was underway!

Design Features:

The front of the postcard is immediately attention grabbing. It shows a picture of a woman measuring herself, while stating exactly what the service and offer are. On the back, Mid-Atlantic has an offer for a FREE open house to learn more about Smartlipo, the service that piqued their interest in the first place. And finally, their design features prominent contact information in several locations to make it easy for future patients to reach them.

The Results

With only one mailing to this list, Mid-Atlantic Skin received 93 new leads!

With only one mailing to this list, Mid-Atlantic Skin received 93 new leads! If even a few of those leads turn into patients, Mid-Atlantic will have received great Return on Investment!

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