The Situation

Awakening Skin Care wanted to let their customer base know that they were having an annual sale. In order to spread the word, Awakening Skincare knew they were going to need the help of our marketing experts. In 2009 they contacted PostcardMania to begin a Beauty marketing campaign, and have been mailing twice a year ever since.

The Solution

With help from our marking consultants, Awakening Skin Care created a beautiful and effective beauty service postcard!

Here is why it worked:

  • An actual picture of one of their products, that shows the recipient exactly what they can receive.
  • A fun and colorful design that stands out from the rest of you mail.
  • The large red letters immediately let the recipient know that there is a SALE!

Awakening Skin Care mails their postcards twice a year to a list of their existing customers. This consistency and repetition have produced a HUGE result for them…

The Results

An immediate Return on Investment of 571% on their most recent mailing!

Awakening Skincare has been consistently mailing since 2009. The repetition to their customers has allowed for a massive return on investment to their skincare marketing campaign! On their last mailing they received 125 orders during their sale.

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other beauty services!

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