The bold postcard design, provided by Rivercity Autowerks, was simple, straightforward and notified readers right away that their dealership service could save them money. The back repeated the type of vehicles they service because the recipients owned those specific vehicle makes and models. In this economy, people are looking to save money and this design presented a low-cost option right away to get the reader’s attention.

The Situation

Rivercity Autowerks had auto service marketing goals that many small businesses can identify with. They wanted to increase the amount of qualified leads they were generating and turn more of those leads into sales. They consulted with our marketing experts to find out how auto service postcard marketing could help them reach their goals.

The Solution

The Campaign: 3,500 auto service postcards promoting VW, Porsche and Audi auto repair. Mailing List: For this campaign, Rivercity Autowerks mailed to a very specific list: Audi and Volkswagen owners that have vehicles between years 1998-2008 in a 20 mile radius of their auto shop. Mailing Schedule: One mailing to 3,500 people.

The Results

We mailed 3500 postcards and received over 40 responses and all of them matched the car stated on the list we got from PostcardMania. This was the most effective marketing dollar for dollar we've done. - Chad Baynes, Manager, Rivercity Autowerks

Over 40 qualified leads that resulted in approximately $8,000 in sales. Average sale from each postcard customer: $200 Total estimation of campaign cost, including postage: $1,700 ROI (Return on Investment): 470%

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