The Situation

Tilden Repair Service is an automotive repair specialist located in Fulton, Mississippi. They were looking for a creative way to let nearby residents know about their services so they contacted PostcardMania for ideas.

The Solution

They decided on a direct mail marketing campaign that utilized postcards to advertise. Their design featured photos of their staff in action, a commonality among previously successful marketing campaigns.

Elite Roofing And Restoration’s postcard included:

  • A headline that builds credibility in their service
  • A list of the kind of machinery they operate on
  • An offer for 10% off a new customers first repair

Tilden Repair Service is located in Itawamba County, Mississippi. Their county averages 43 people per square mile, which is less than half the average for all of America (92 people per square mile). For more context, there are over 22,000 people per square mile in a huge metropolis like New York City and around 3,500 people per square mile in a much more sprawling metropolis like Austin, Texas.

So what does that mean? This repair shop is located in a very rural area, where owning a car is a necessary part of life and their main mode of transportation. These residents are also more likely to own a lot of land, which means they’re also more likely to own lawnmowers, ATVs and tractors — all right in Tilden’s wheelhouse.This means they were able to save money by blanketing their entire area with an all-inclusive mailing list rather than targeting certain households.


The Results

100 calls in one mailing!

100 calls in one mailing! 

Tilden Repair Service received over 100 calls in their first mailing! They say they’re so busy it’s hard to get anything done but answer the phone. They’re currently in the process of servicing these responses now, so income generated is yet to be fully determined. They’re super happy with the results and are excited for the rest of the mailings!

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other automotive repair shops!