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Baker Road Service

"We generated 80 new customers and $28,000 in revenue from our postcards!"


Baker Road Service


Automotive Repair


Minnetonka, MN 55343

Cards Mailed


The Situation

Baker Road Service wanted to attract more customers from their local community. They knew they needed to invest in marketing, but weren’t sure which marketing tool was best for them. After reading about postcard marketing, they consulted with our marketing experts to find out if it was the marketing solution they needed for their auto care business.

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The Solution

They decided to give postcards a shot and purchased a mailing list of 9,000 local residents in their neighboring zip codes. We designed two strategic postcards to get the word out about their auto care company. Both designs were similar, but they had slight differences to keep their marketing fresh with recipients. The postcards were mailed 2,000-6,000 at a time until every recipient on the mailing list had received both designs of the card.

The Results

Their campaigns were a huge success! They acquired 80 new customers from their postcards. They make $350 per appointment, on average, so their total revenue generation for their postcard marketing came to about $28,000!

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