This postcard had a textured background that was made to look like the grill of a car. The background was black and the color accents on the card were yellow, which created an eye-catching contrast. On the left, they featured 4 images of the kind of cars they service. There was a Porsche, a Mercedes, an Audi and a BMW. The headline read, “Today’s Technology With Yesterday’s Values.” Then, underneath the headline they used two columns of bullet points to list the services they offer and the brands they service. This made it easy to read, so recipients could immediately see if Alpha European Auto could meet their auto service needs.

The Situation

Alpha European Auto provides service and repairs for high-end European cars. They wanted to increase their business so they were servicing and repairing more of those cars and generating more revenue for their business. They consulted with our marketing experts to come up with an auto repair advertising campaign to do that.

The Solution

The key to successful marketing is targeting the right prospective customers. Alpha European Auto purchased a mailing list of 5,000 households. Everyone on the mailing list owned one or more the following makes (any year): Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, Porsche, VW, Audi, Volvo, Ranger Rover. This specifically targeted auto repair advertising list gave them exactly what they were looking for: high quality prospects that were already likely to need what they offer. They mailed their postcards in 5 waves sending 1,000 cards at a time.

The Results

We generated 7 new clients and $2,200 in revenue from our postcard mailings!

After mailing their 5,000 postcards, Alpha European Auto has generated 7 new clients and they have brought in $2,200 in revenue so far!

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