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The postcard design had an autumn feel to it, because the event was held in October. The background was a burnt orange, which was accented by dark brown and green. The headline read, “The 4th Annual Loving Care Pet Fair is Celebrating PEToberfest!” Then, they gave the necessary information for attendees: the location of the event and the hours. They also included their website and phone number in case prospective attendees had any questions about the event.

The Situation

Every year, Leash on Life People and Pet Services holds a “Loving Care Pet Fair” in Seminole, FL. This is an event for pet owners to come and enjoy a day with fellow animal lovers and lots of games and entertainment. They also use the event as an opportunity to find good homes for stray pets through their adoption program. Naturally, they want to get the best turnout they can for their event so they could find homes for as many of these pets as possible, as well as generate new sales. They consulted with our marketing experts to find out how postcard marketing could help them accomplish their goals.

The Solution

Many of our marketing consultants are animal lovers themselves, so they went the extra mile to put together a winning strategy for this event. We printed 5,000 postcards that were intentionally designed to promote their event. Leash on Life mailed 500 of the postcards to prospective attendees who were likely to be interested in the event. Then, we shipped the rest of the cards to Leash on Life for them to hand out as invites to the event.

The Results

The postcards really drew a crowd. We know this, because 130 people brought the card to the event for their chance to win a raffle. Leash on Life was able to generate $4,000 in sales from the event, so they considered their postcards a huge success.

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